Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting started

Well I have been told that if you want to be noticed as an artist you must have a blog. Well I guess it's time. My good friend and local artist as well, Ana has directed me in the right direction. I'm new to this and please bare with me, as I get used to sharing my thoughts on art, life, family and friends. Well a bit about myself. I am one of those very fortunate people that has a lot to be grateful for. I have been blessed with 3 plus 1 kids. A handsome and wonderful husband who supports me and my art career. Both parents that are supportive and still take the kids for the weekends on occasion. And an amazing grandmother who has done a lot and loved me a lot. I live in a great city, on a great street, in a big house we are slowly making our own. And on top of all that I get to paint for a living. I do murals in homes, offices and commercial buildings, and meet new people every day. Other days I teach art classes at my downtown studio at London's Covenant Garden Market. And when I'm not teaching I'm painting. Along with a number of my artist friends that have studios downtown or in the market. Life's good.